Dr. Vadakath from Mid Michigan Health talked to us today about Cardiovascular advancements here in Midland.


Cadiovascular disease is the #1 reason for death in men and women. Mid Michigan Health is committed to a comprehensive approach to cardiovascular services.

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For more information and different types of assessments: go to MoreLifeMoreHealth.org Most people who die suddenly from heart disease have no previous symptoms. Find out your risks and   get a customized plan for action.

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People with PAD have a much higher risk of heart attack or stroke. Discover your PAD risk factors and what you  can do to lower your risk.

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28% of adults have joint pain. Assess your knee or hip function and learn next steps to improve your quality of life

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1 out of 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Learn how your lifestyle and personal history impact your risk  and what you can do about it.

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Only about 15% of lung cancers are diagnosed in the early stages. Early detection is key to effective treatment.

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Join us Next Tuesday to learn about another inspiring and informative member of the Midland Community.